311 – What is Rakshabandhan

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Nathan:  Welcome to ISpeakHindi.com.  This is episode #311.  Let us look at some of the words that we will be using in today’s dialog.  I will say it in English and Meena will say it in Hindi.

Nathan:  “What”

Meena:  क्या  (kya)

Nathan:  “day”

Meena: दिन   (din)

Nathan: “Today”

Meena: आज  (aaj)

Nathan: “date”

Meena: तिथि  (tithi)

Nathan: “no”

Meena: नहीं  (nahin)

Nathan: नहीं can also meen “not”

Nathan:  Now let us hear the dialog.  It is between Nariandas-ji and myself:

Nariandas:  Nathan, do you know why today is special?

नेथन, आज का दिन खास क्यों है?

(nathan, aaj kaa din khaas kyon hai?)

Nathan: What is today’s date?

आज की तिथि क्या है?

(aaj ki tithi kyaa hai?)

Nariandas:  Today is August 16, 2008.

आज की तिथि अगस्त १६, २००८ है।

(aaj ki tithi agast 16, 2008 hai)

Nathan:  I do not know.

मुझै मालूम नहीं।

(mujhei maaluum nahiin)

Nariandas:  Today is Rakshabandhan.

आज रक्षाबन्धन है।

(aaj rakshabandhan hai)

Nathan: What is Rakshabandhan?

रक्षाबन्धन क्या है?

(rakshabandhan kyaa hai?)


Let’s explain the dialog… line by line.

Talk about Rakshabandhan…

Read more about Rakshabandan on Wikipedia.org

Nathan:  Welcome to ISpeakHindi.com.  This is episode #311, and today is August 16, 2008.  Today is a very, special day.  Mr. Nariandas can you tell me why this is a special day.

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