Where is my Hindi lesson?

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There will be a brief delay in getting our Hindi lessons to you.  There are two reasons why.  First off, I really want ISpeakHindi.com to have high quality lessons that you can be confident coming to.  These are lessons that have a standard high level of quality and have been reviewed by multiple Hindi speakers and even someone that has taken advanced training in Hindi.  I also want to build upon all the things we have learned in the last year.  And to implement a lot of the ideas that I got from Dr. Rupert Snell.  (I actually got a chance to meet him and interview Dr. Snell. )  You can also read the thoughts I have on how I plan to improve the program and the ideas for the lessons on our wiki.   I would be most interested in getting your feedback on this plan.  Feel free to email me at nathan@ISpeakHindi.com.   Also, if you produce Hindi learning content and have or plan to have content related to the lessons I have listed there, then please send me information about it so I let our listeners know about it.

The second reason is that we have had some disruptions in our lives.  Many of you may know that we live in Houston, Texas which in September got hit with Hurricane Ike.  Our power was out for a week!  Luckily we had already pre-recorded, uploaded, and scheduled all of September’s lessons ahead of time.  Then after the hurricane, we had some other disruptions as well.  My plan had been to get the new lessons prepared, reviewed, recorded, and uploaded before October.  But that could not happen.  I think I need about another 3 weeks.

Thank you very much for your support and help.  We hope to get back on track soon.


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