नल, जल, रथ, बस.. (Hindi Primer – Part 2)

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Today’s lesson comes for the Hindi Primer. We started these lessons on October 12, 2008.


Here are the words and phrases that we cover today.

पाठ २ paath do chapter 2
न na (Hindi letter)
ज ja (Hindi letter)
र ra (Hindi letter)
स sa (Hindi letter)
ब ba (Hindi letter)
थ tha (Hindi letter)
नल nal faucet (sometimes called a “tap”)
जल jal water (पानी (paanii) is more common word for water. However, it is more complicated to write which is why जल is used here)
रथ rath (There are 4 letters that have a “t” sound. This one is made by touching the tongue to the teeth and with a puff of air (aspiration)) chariot
बस bas (sounds just like the English word “bus”) bus
लिखो। likho write (from the verb लिखना (likhna) which means “to write”)
शब्दों को लिखो। shabdon ko likho write the words
पाठ ३ paath theen chapter 3
र ra (Hindi letter)
ख kha (Hindi letter)
च cha (Hindi letter)
रख rakh keep (from the verb रखना (rakhnaa) which means “to keep”)
कप रख। kap rakh keep the cup
चल chal go (from the verb चलना (chelnaa) which means to go)
घर चल। ghar chal go home
चख chak taste (from the verb चखना (chakhnaa) which means to taste)
फल चख। phal chakh taste fruit
देखो और लिखो। dokho aur likho see and write
शब्दों को लिखो। shabdon ko likho write the words
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