(Hindi Primer – Part 3)

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Today’s lesson comes for the Hindi Primer.  We started these lessons on October 12, 2008.

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Today we continue with chapter 4 in the Hindi primer.  This is the page with the boy reading a book, the girl writing, and the boy tightening his belt.  Below are the words that we go over today.

Hindi Pronunciation Meaning
पाठ ४ paat chaar chapter 4
मगन mugun Mugun is the name of a boy
पढ़ purd [you (very informal)] read
This is from the verb पढ़ना (purdna) meaning “to read”
ड da – This is a retroflexive consonant, the tongue should touch the top of the mouth  And it is non-aspirated, so use as little aire as possible.
ढ dha – this is a retroflexive and aspirated.  So the tongue touches the roof of the mouth and their is a puff of air.
ड़ like ड above, but has a “r” sound.  “rda”  (like the “rd” in “bird”
ढ़ like ढ above but has a “r” sound at the beginning “rda”
कलम kulum pen (as in a writing pen)
पकड़ pukurd [you (informal as in talking to a child] hold
This is from the Hindi verb पकड़ना which means “to hold”
कमर kumur waist
कस kus [you (as in talking to a child)] tighten
from the Hindi verb कसना which means “to tighten”
लिखो likho [you (informal)] write
from the Hindi verb लिखना

One extra thing that I refer to in this lesson that is not in the book is how to make the first person, present tense conjugation of these verbs.

If I want to say “I write.” I would take the sentence pattern मैं ____  हूँ। and then conjugate the verb correctly and put it in the blank.  In the case of “I write” take the verb “to write” लिखना and drop the ना at the end to get the root of the verb लिख then if I am a man add ता and if I am a woman add ती.

[man speaking]  मैं लिखता हूँ।

[woman speaking] मैं लिखती हूँ।

This can be done with other verbs to.  Try leaving an example in the comments of the site using a different verb.

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