Using ऊ (Hindi Primer – Part 9 – Page 14)

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Today we learn about the vowel ऊ.  Watch how we add this to consonants:


Here is the vocabulary that e cover today.

image up
image go (command like to a child)
from जाना – to go
image mouse
image catch – from बकड़ना to catch
image shoe
image wear – from पहनना
image far
image move – from चलना – to move
image flowers
image steal – from  लूटना – to steal
image too much
image fragrance

Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer.

From our Listeners

I would like to start putting information at the bottom of our lessons from our listeners about our listeners.  If you are interested in sharing some of your experiences with Hindi or travels to India, please email me at

Recently we had one of our listeners over for a private lesson with Meena.  Here is a picture from their session and a note from Stephanie.



I am Stephanie, and I am a new student of Hindi.  It’s a bit of a challenge for me, given that I am profoundly deaf and need tutoring to get as many of the sounds in Hindi right as I can manage.  This amounts to speech therapy, which I “fondly” remember when I was learning English as a child.  I also sign in American Sign Language.

I became involved in learning Hindi because I do financial research (which includes “news-mining” of many things, including gold/silver buying habits around the world).  It was while doing this work that I learned about economic practices of many people in India that resonate with my own.  Plus, I see India as an upcoming power in the future, behind China.

Another reason is that I am an archaeology enthusiast (I didn’t say I was professional!), and I love reading about archaeology digs in Africa, the middle east, and India.  Because those areas have been settled for so long, they are rich in history, the people themselves, the ways of life, how things were done, the trade routes, cultures, and now the cities left behind.

I would love to be able to learn other languages and use them in daily settings, which I have done since I work in retail, and we have customers from all over in a few days’ time.



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