Using ए (Hindi Primer – Part 10 – Page 15)

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Today we Learn about the vowel ए, and we see how it modifies the vowel sound in several consonants. See examples of how the consonants below are written first regularly and then with the ए vowel. Pay attention to today’s lesson to hear these sounds


Do you see the difference? You add ए to a vowel by adding the line to the top.

Here are the words that we cover today.

केला banana
खा eat – from खाना (to eat)
एक one (1)
खेल This is two words.
1) game
2) play (as in “[you] play” from the verb खेलना)
मेल meeting
कर do – from
हेल मेल  close friendship
ठेला cart

Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer.

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