Using ओ (Hindi Primer – Part 12 – Page 17)

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Today we learn about the vowel ओ. Like all vowels in Hindi, it has a independent form and a dependent form. Here are some examples of the dependent form being added to other letters.


इस this (oblique form)
ओर side
आ come – from the verb आना to come
मोर peacock
देख look – from the verb देखना to look
रो cry – from the verb रोना – to cry
मत don’t (as a command to a child)
शोर noise
कर do – from the verb करना – to do
मोहन [boy’s name]
सोता sleep – from the verb सोना
है is
का belong’s to (similar to the ‘s in English)
The phrase मोहन का means that it belongs to Mohan or that it is “Mohan’s”
image burden

Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer (As of 10/25/2008, we only have 12 copies left). We started these lessons on October 12, 2008.

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