Using ं & ँ (Hindi Primer – Part 14 – Page 19)

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Today we are looking at words that have a bindu (dot) or chandra bindu (moon dot).  Here are some examples of these symbols being applied to some consonants.


Here is our vocabulary for today’s lesson.  Be sure and listen out for these words in the podcast.

ये these
अंगूर grapes (the singular form is written and spoken the same way)
हैं arebring
मीठे sweet – plural form of the adjective of मीठा
मंजन tooth powder
ला bring – from the verb लाना – to bring
मुँह face
धो wash – from the verb धोना – to wash
बंदर monkey
आया will come – from आना
घर house
अंदर inside
अंजन eye shawdow
गंगा Hindi name for the Gangues river
हंस swan
हँस laugh

Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer.

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