Singular/plural (Hindi Primer – Part 16)

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Today we look at making plural forms of masculine nouns that end with आ.  To illustrate the singular and plural, we use the sentence patterns: यह ____ है। (This is ____ . ) and ये ____ हैं। (These are ____ . )  Notice how the verb comes at the end of the sentence is Hindi.

Here are the word endings that are changed when the word is made plural.


Here is our vocabulary for today’s lesson.  Be sure and listen out for these words in the podcast.

यह this
है is
ये these
हैं are
घोड़ा horse
घोड़े horses
मुर्गा rooster
मुर्गे roosters
तोता parrot
तोते parrots

Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer.

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