Counting (Hindi Primer – part 17 – page 22)

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Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer.

image chapter 18
image counting
image image 1 – one
image image 2 – two
image image 3 – three
image image 4 – four
image image 5 – five
image image 6 – six
image image 7 -seven
image image 8 – eight
image image 9 – nine
image image 10 – ten
image face
image [you (informal)] wash
from धोना
image one two wash [your] face
image [you] be – बनना
image clever/intelligent
image three four be intelligent.
image truth
image [you] tell from कहना
image five six tell the truth
image [you] look from देखना
image “sharp” as in nice looking.
image seven eight look sharp.
image came – from आना (to come)
image (auxiliary verb that goes with came)
image bus (feminine)
image nine ten the bus has come.
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