Compound consonants (Hindi Primer – Part 18)

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Today we look at some words that have a “half consonant” that is combined together with a full consonant.  See the letter transformations that we will be studying today:


Here is our vocabulary for today’s lesson.  Be sure and listen out for these words in the podcast.

ढक्कन lid
उठाओ lift
मक्खन butter
खाओ eat
पंक्ति line
में in
खड़े stand
रहो (used to make the continuous tense… खड़े रहो = standing)
धक्का push
मत don’t
करो do
दफ्तर office
बंद close
है is
हफ्ते week
का belongs to
आखिरी last
दिन day or days

Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer.

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