Half Consonants (Hindi Primer – Part 19 – Page 24)

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In today’s lesson we have a set of sentences with words that have a half consonant.  In particular, look for ग्ग (ggaa),  म्मा (mmaa), and स्स (ssa).

Here is our vocabulary for today’s lesson.  Be sure and listen out for these words in the podcast.

डुग्गी dummi – type of drum
बजती play (a musical instrument)
है is
बंदर monkey
छम्म छम्म chhamm chhamm (type of sound)
नाचता dance (from the verb नाचना)
उसके he’s
गले neck
में in
रस्सी rope
वह that
धम्म धम्म dhamm dhamm (type of sound)
कूदता jump
बच्चा boy
खड़ा stand
खेल play (game)
अच्छा good
जग्गू name of a person
धक्का push
सच्चा truth
कच्चा raw; also means improperly cooked
हिस्सा part (piece of something)
पत्ता leaf
कुत्ता dog
हल्का light (opposite of heavy)

Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer (As of 10/29/2008, we only have 10 copies left).  We started these lessons on October 12, 2008.

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