Using the half consonants ट् ढ् द् and ड् (Hindi Primer – Part 20)

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Look and listen carefully for these half consonants.  notice how they are combined with the consonant that follows them.

Here is our vocabulary for today’s lesson.  Be sure and listen out for these words in the podcast.

माली gardener
(day gardener..comes and goes)
बुड्ढा old (for a living thing)
है is
वह that/she/he
गड्ढा ravine
खोदता digging
मिट्टी earth/dirt/soil
हटाता move
गड्ढे hole
में in
पौधा plant
लगाता put
यह this
पद्मा Padma – (person’s name)
का equivalent to “‘s” in English.  Used to denote that something belongs to somebody.
बाग garden
लट्टू top (child’s toy top)
नचाती dance
द्वार front entrance
द्वारका name of holy place in India
खट्टा sour
मिट्ठा sweet

Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer.  We started these lessons on October 12, 2008.

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