जन्म-दिन – Birthday(Hindi Primer – part 25)

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आज today
मेरा my
जन्म-दिन birth-day
है is
घर house
खूब सजा decorate
मिठाई sweets
बनी made
मैं I
नये new
कपड़े clothes
पहनीं wear
हूँ am
लोग people
मुझे me
प्यार love
करते to do
हैं are
रमेश Ramesh (boy’s name)
आया has come
शीला Sheila (girl’s name)
आई has come
सब all
मित्र friends
आये has come
खाते eating
हँसते laughing
गाते singing

Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer.  We started these lessons on October 12, 2008.

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