doll – गुड़िया (Hindi Primer – part 28)

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Sorry about the email yesterday.  It wasn’t supposed to go out, not sure how that happen.  But this is a good point to tell you about my plans for the rest of the year.  In order to improve the program, I am only going to publish session 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), though you may not get the email until the next day.  Then on January 1st, we will start with the daily program again.


Today we have a little poem about a doll.  Here is the vocabulary that is used.  Listen out for it in the podcast.

गुड़िया doll
मेरी mine
प्यारी love
है used as a helping verb in the present tense and can also mean “is” when used by itself
लगती looks like
राजदुलारी princess
ओठ lips
लाल-लाल red-red
हैं are
काले-काले black-black
बाल hair
एक “one (1)” can also be used as “a”
गुड्डा prince
आयेगा will come
ढम-ढम “dum dum”
ढोल drum
बजायेगा will play
को to
ले take
जायेगा will go



Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer.  We started these lessons on October 12, 2008.

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