going to fight – लड़ने जाऊँगा (Hindi Primer – part 29)

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Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer.  We started these lessons on October 12, 2008.


Here is the vocabulary that is used in today’s lesson.


लड़ने fight
जाऊँगा will go
मैं I
बंदूक gun
चलाऊँगा will make it go
माँ mother
गोली bullet
चले goes
ठाँय-ठाँय “thany-thany” sound of the bullet wizzing by
भागो-भागो run-run
हाय-हाय cry
सब all
को to
मार die
भगाऊँगा will make them run away
आगे in front of
पाव feet
बढ़ाऊँगा to put
कभी ever (कभी न = not ever; never)
न not
शीश head
झुकाऊँगा will bow
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