वर्षा रानी – Rain Queen (Hindi Primer – part 31)

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Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer (page 36).  We started these lessons on October 12, 2008.

Here is the vocabulary that is used in today’s lesson.


वर्षा रानी rain queen (queen of rain)
आओ-आओ come-come
वर्षारानी rain queen (queen of rain)
(same as the first line above.. but notice how you can run the words together or separate them)
लाओ-लाओ bring-bring
ठंडा cold
पानी water
नाचूँगा will dance
नाचूँगा will jump
नहाऊँगा will take bath
टोपी hat
लूँगा will bring
छाता umbrella
सैर करने to stroll
जाऊँगा will go
छप-छप-छप chup-chup-chup
(sound that the rain makes)
खेलूँगा will do
खूब melodious
गाऊँगा will sing
चारो ओर all around
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