फूल – flowers (Hindi Primer – part 32)

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Today’s lesson comes from the Hindi Primer.  We started these lessons on October 12, 2008.

Here is the vocabulary that is used in today’s lesson.

flowers (could also be “flower”)
अच्छे-अच्छे nice-nice (notice how it is अच्छे which indicates it is agreeing with a plural noun.  So अच्छा फूल is “nice flower” where as अच्छे फूल is “nice flowers”
सुंदर beautiful
यह this
गुलाब rose
का “belongs to” का is used the same was that “‘s” is used in English.  In English you might say “Mike’s flower” in Hindi you would say “Mike का फूल”
वह that
गेंदे type of flower
चंपा Champa (a girl’s name)
रानी queen
हँसती laughing
है is
से from
कुछ something
कहती say
जही Juhii (girl’s name)
बेला Bela (girl’s name)
देखो look
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