simple postposition (in, from, up to)

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Today we are going to learn the Hindi words for “in”, “from”, and “up to” (में, से, तक).  In English, we would call these “prepositions”.  Because they tell us the relative “position” of something and it comes “before” or “pre” the word that it is related to.  For example, “in the house”.  The word “in” comes before “house”, and it tells us that “something” is “in the house”… 

There are similar words in Hindi.  In Hindi they come “after” the word.  Or should I say “post” the word.  We call these “postpositions”.  More about these after we review the questions from the last session.


Answers to the review questions at the end of last lesson.  If you have not answered these yet, then listen to the last lesson and try answering them.

Translate the following from Hindi into English

1) किताब __book______

2) ऐनक ___glasses_____

3) खाना __food______

Translate the following from English into Hindi.

4) there  ___वहाँ______

5) my/mine __मेरा, मेरी, मेरे_____

6)  water _पानी____

7)  there __वहाँ______

Fill in the blank with the correct word: कहाँ or जहाँ

8) घर __कहाँ_____ है?

9) __जहाँ___ मेरा घर है वहाँ मेरा दफ्तर है।


Today we are learning the following “simple” (as in “one word”) postpositions:

में (men)- in

से (se) – from

तक (tak) – up to


Here are some sample sentences using these words: 

वह घर में है। (vah ghar men hai) – He is in the house.  (वह could also refer to a “she” or an “it”.  There are sometimes clues in the sentence that would let us know if it was a “he” or a “she”, but there are no such clues in this simple sentence.)


क़लम दवात में है। (qalam davaat men hai) – The pen is in the ink well.

आप कहाँ से हैं? (aap kahaan se hain) – “Where are you from?”

मैं दिल्ली से हूँ। (mein dillii se huun) – I am from Delhi.

क्या गाड़ी दिल्ली तक जाएगी? (kyaa garii dillii tak) – Does this train go up to Delhi?

नहीं, वह गाड़ी इन्दोर तक जाएगी। (nahiin, vah gaarii indor tak jaegii) – No, it goes up to Indore.


Try these review questions to make sure you understand it.

Translate the following from Hindi to English:

1) वह

2) घर

3) गाड़ी

4) तक

Translate the following from English to Hindi:

5) in –

6) from –

7) no –

8) pen –

Use the correct postposition in the following sentences:

9) मैं घर ____ हूँ।

10) वह आगरा _____ है।







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