Onion or thirst?

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I knew that “Pyaaz” (प्याज़) meant onion.  I was listening to this Hindi song and the lyrics sounded like “onion…onion…onion” to me.. Turns out the singer was “thirst… thirst…thirst”  You see, “pyaas” (प्यास) means “thirst”..   Today I thought it would be good to practice hearing and saying the difference between onion and thirst and thirsty …


Review questions from the last episode:

Review Questions:

1) रीचा के पति का नाम क्या है?

(riichaa ke pati kaa naam kyaa hain)

What is Richa’s husband’s name?


रीचा के पति का नाम अजय है।

(riichaa ke pati kaa naam ajay hai)

Richa’s husband’s name is Ajay.


2) क्या रीचा के पति शाकाहारी है?

(kyaa riichaa ke pati shaakaahaarii hain)

Is Richa’s husband a vegetarian?


नहीं। रीचा के पति शाकाहारी नहीं है।  रीचा के पति माँसाहारी है।

(nahiin.  riichaa ke pati shaakaahaarii nahiin hai. riichaa ke pati maansaahaarii hai.)

No.  Richa’s husband is not a vegetarian.  He is a non-vegetarian.


3) क्या रीचा के पति मछली खाते हैं?

(kyaa riichaa ke pati machalii khaate hain)

Does Richa’s husband eat fish?

Translate the following from Hindi to English:

4) पति (pati) – husband

5) माँसाहारी (maansaahaarii) –  non-vegetarian

6) मछली (machalii) – fish

Translate the following from English into Hindi:

7) in – में (men)

8) vegetarian – शाकाहारी (shaakaahaarii)

9) chicken – मुर्गी (murgii)

10) also – भी (bhii)


Onion or Thirsty:

I had a chance to talk to Ajay and Richa about the difference between प्याज़  and प्यास (thirst) .  Let us listen to that.


Let us hear Meena ji and Naraindas ji say onion (प्याज़).


Now let us hear them say thirst (प्यास).


The first part sounds the same, but the last part is different.  The onion has a “z” sound on the end.  And the word for “thirst” has “s” sound on the end.

Do you eat onion?

Nathan (to Naraindas): क्या आप प्याज़ खाते हैं? (kyaa aap pyaaz khaate hain?) -Do you eat onion?

Naraindas:  हाँ। मैं प्याज़ खाता हूँ।

(haan.  mein pyaaz khaataa huun.)

Yes.  I eat onion.

Nathan (to Meena): क्या आप प्याज़ खाती हैं?  (kyaa aap pyaaz khaatii hain?)

Do you eat onion?

Meena:  नहीं। मैं प्याज़ नहीं खाती हूँ।  (nahiin.  Main pyaaz nahiin khaatii huun.)

No.  I do not eat onion.


When do you feel thirst?

Nathan: कब आप को प्यास लगती है?

(kab aap ko pyaas lagatii hai?)

When do you feel thirst?

Naraindas: मुझे रात को प्यास लगती है।

(mujhe raat ko pyaas lagatii hai)

I feel thirst at night.




Are you thirsty?

Nathan (to Naraindas): क्या आप प्यासे हैं?

(kyaa aap pyaase hain?)

Are you thirsty?

Naraindas: मैं प्यासा नहीं  हूँ।

(main pyaasa nahiin huun)

I am not thirsty.

Nathan (to Meena): क्या आप प्यासी हैं?

(kyaa aap pyaasii hain?)

Are you thirsty?


Meena:  मैं प्यासी हूँ।

(main pyaasii huun)

I am thirsty.


Notice how the ending of प्यासा changes depending on if you are describing a man or a woman.


Review Questions:

Use the correct word for thirsty in the blank (प्यासा, प्यासी, प्यासे)

1) (man talking)  मैं ________ हूँ।

2) (talking to about a man) वे _______ हैं।

3) (talking to a woman)  क्या आप ______ हैं?


Which would make the most sense, onion or thirst:

4) मैं ______ खाता हूँ।


5) जब मुझे _______ लगती है, तब मैं पानी पीता हूँ।

Translate the following from Hindi into English

6) रात –

7) कब –

8) जब –


Translate the following from English into Hindi

9) water –

10) to drink –


Just something I found:

Thirsty Crow (video) http://www.metacafe.com/watch/436309/thirsty_crow_hindi/


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