कब or जब – when? or when.

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Remember how there were two Hindi words which would translate to the English word “where” (कहाँ  and जहाँ see: December 17, 2008 “Where? or Where.” episode).  The same is true with “When”.  There is a question word for “when?”, कब (kab) and there is a word for the “when” that refers to a particular time, जब (jab).  Let us cover the review questions from the last episode first.

Use the correct word for thirsty in the blank (प्यासा, प्यासी, प्यासे)

1) (man talking)  मैं _प्यासा_______ हूँ।

(main pyaasaa huun)

(man talking) I am thirsty.

2) (talking to about a man) वे __प्यासे_____ हैं।

(ve pyaase hain)

They are thirsty.

3) (talking to a woman)  क्या आप __प्यासी____ हैं?

(kyaa aap pyaasii hain?)

Are you thirsty?

Which would make the most sense, onion or thirst:

4) मैं _प्याज़_____ खाता हूँ।

(main pyaaz khaataa huun)

(man speaking) I eat onion.

5) जब मुझे __प्यास_____ लगती है, तब मैं पानी पीता हूँ।

(jab mujhe pyaas lagatii hai, tab main paanii piitaa huun)

(spoken by a man) When I feel thirst then I drink water.

Translate the following from Hindi into English

6) रात (raat) – night

7) कब (kab) – when (question word)

8) जब (jab) – when (e.g. “When you study Hindi, listen carefully”)

Translate the following from English into Hindi

9) water – पानी  (paanii)

10) to drink – पीना  (piinaa)

Today’s lesson:

1) When will you study Hindi?

(talking to a man) तुम कब हिंदी सीखोगे?

(tum kab hindi siikhoge)

2) When the teacher comes then I will study Hindi .

(man speaking) जब अध्यापक आएँगे तब मैं हिंदी सीखूँगा

(jab edhyaapak aaenge tab main hindi siikhuugaa)

3) When will you do the work?

(talking to a man) तुम कब काम करोगे?

(tum kab kaam karoge)

4) When I reach the office, then I will do the work.

(man speaking) जब मैं दफ्तर पहुँचूँगा तब काम करूँगा।

(jab main daphtar pahunchuungaa tab kaam karuungaa)

5) When did he come?

वह कब आया?

(vah kab aayaa)

6) He came when school was finished.

वह आया जब स्कूल बन्द हुआ।

(vah aayaa jab skuul band huaa)

7) When did your wife come?

कब आपकी पत्नी आईं?

(kab aapkii patnii aaiin)

8) When I reached home, then my wife came.

जब मैं घर पहुँचा, तब मेरी पत्नी आईं।

(jab main ghar pahunchaa, tab merii patnii aain)

Review questions:

Use the correct word for “when”: कब (kab) or जब (jab).

1) आप ____  खाते हैं?

2) मैं खाता हूँ ____  मुझे भूख लगती है।

Translate the following from Hindi into English:

3) पहुँचा –

4) बन्द  –

5) आया –

6) घर –

Translate the following from English into Hindi:

7) hungry –

8) When did your husband come? –

9) in the office –

10) in the house –


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