"I will be" – three irregular future tense verbs.

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In the previous episode we learned how to make the first person future tense of verbs.  However, there are three verbs that do not follow that pattern.  We will cover them in this episode.


First let us look at the review questions from lat time.

Translate each sentence two times.  First as if a man was saying then as if a woman was saying it.

  Man speaking Woman Speaking
1) I will drink. मैं पीऊँगा।
main piiuungaa
मैं पीऊँगी।
main piiuungii
2) I will eat. मैं खाऊँगा।
main khaauungaa
मैं खाऊँगी।
main khaauungii
3) I will go. मैं जाऊँगा।
main jaauungaa
मैं जाऊँगी।
main jaauungii
4) I will meet. मैं मिलूँगा।
main miluungaa
मैं मिलूँगी।
main miluungii
5) I will see. मैं देखूँगा।
main dekhuungaa
मैं देखूँगी।
main dekhuungii




Almost all the verbs follow the pattern presented in the last session.  There are three common verbs that do not.  These are होना (honaa) “to be”, लेना (lenaa) “to take”, and देना (denaa) “to give”.  The pattern is not much different, just drop the ए (e) and then add the normal ending.

A man would say “I will be” by saying मैं हूँगा (main huungaa) and a woman would say मैं हूँगी (main huungii).

A man would say “I will take” by saying “मैं लूँगा” (main luungaa) and a woman would say “मैं लूँगी” (main luungii).

A man would say “I will give” by saying मैं दूँगा (main duungaa) and a woman would say मैं दूँगी (main duungii).

Here is a more complex sentence.

मैं पैसा दूँगी और मैं खाना लूँगी। (main phaisaa duungii our main khaanaa luungii)  Woman saying: I will give the money and I will take the food.



Translate from Hindi to English and identify if the speaker is a man or a woman.


1) मैं किताब लूँगा।

2) मैं पेसा नहीं लूँगी।

3) मैं आपको चाय दूँगा।

4) मैं आपसे मेज़ लूँगा।

5) मैं राम को मेरी काली क़लम दूँगी।


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