Masculine Nouns – Type 1 – Adjective agreement

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All nouns in Hindi can either be masculine or feminine.  Today we continue talking about masculine nouns, which can again be divide into two categories, those that end in आ and those that do not.  The ones that do we call Masculine Type 1 nouns.  For example: घोड़ा which means “horse” and तोहफ़ा which means gift.

Today we will talk about adjective agreement.  The adjective for good is अच्छा.  The adjective has to change to agree with the noun that it is describing.  For example, if I wanted to say “good horse” I would say, “अच्छा घोड़ा” but if I wanted to say good horses, the adjective changes in this case: “अच्छे घोड़े”. 


Let us look at another adjective, छोटा which means little.  Little horse is छोटा घोड़ा and little horses is छोटे घोड़े.


All the adjectives that are listed in the dictionary with आ on the end change in this way.  But that is not true with all adjectives.  Consider the adjective that means red, लाल.  Red gift is लाल तोहफ़ा and red gifts is लाल तोहफ़े.  Notice how the word for red, लाल, did not change.  The same is true for the color white, सफेद.  सफेद घोड़ा is “white horse” and the plural “white horses” is सफेद घोड़े.

Here are some exercises to test your understanding.

Use the following adjectives below:

बड़ा = big

महंगा = expensive

सस्ता = cheap

साफ = clean

काला = black


And use these masculine nouns:

खाना = food

खिलौना = toy

कुत्ता = dog

कमरा = room

Translate the following from English into Hindi:

1) big dog

2) big dogs

3) expensive food

4) cheap foods

5) clean rooms

6) expensive toys

7) black dogs


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