Dance Pe Chance

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Today we look at some of the words and grammar from the song “Dance Pe Chance” which is from the movie “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”.


Before we talk about the song, let us talk a little about the movie.  The title रब ने बना दी जोड़ी.


रब – God (from Arabic) (masculine) 

जोड़ी – couple (feminine)

आगे (aage) – in front

पीचे (piiche) – behind

यार (yaar) – friend

सिर को घुमा –  sar ko ghuma – turn your head


Woh banda hi kya hai, jo naache na gaaye
Aa hathon mein tu haath thaam le

वो बंदा ही क्या है, जो नाचे न गाये आ हाथों मैं तू हाथ थाम ले।


What is that man who neither dances nor sings  Grab my hand


soniya – dearest, my love, etc… (term of endearment)




Oh chal haath ghuma le yaara

Oh jaise suiyan saath se baarah


ओ चल हाथ घुमा ले यारा

ओ जैसे सुइयाँ सात से बारह

oh, turn your hand my hand like the needle from seven to 12.


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Dance Pe Chance




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