Letter focus – क

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Today we are going to focus on the first consonant of the Hindi alphabet.  This is the letter क.


Look at the way it is written.  “ka” is the looks like a “T” with a sideways “8” that is missing part of a loop.


Take a moment to look at the letter क and say it a few times.

ka  ka  ka


Try to say it without any air coming out of your mouth.  Put your hand in front of your mouth, and try to say it so that you can’t feel the air.

Keep that in mind as we try saying क in the words below.

Beginning of the word:

कल kal  -yesterday; tomorrow

कब kab –  when

कप kap – cup

कम kam – less

कमल kamal – lotus

कबूतर kabuutar – pigeon



Middle of the word:

बकरी bakrii- goat

नौकर noukar- servant

पकना paknaa- to ripen


End of the word:

वक vak – crane (bird)

एक  ek – one

नमक namak – salt

नाक naak – nose

ऐनक aenak – glasses


With a vowel


केला – kela – Banana

मकान makaan – house


When we write a क using English, we will write it as “ka”.  Sometimes the vowel is different or is not there, and the ‘a’ may be changed or dropped.

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