Meena’s weekend Hindi class for kids

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My two sons and two of their friends have Hindi lessons at our house each weekend.  Meena Ji has been teaching them the Hindi letters and how to start reading.  Also, they have been learning some basic Hindi phrases and Hindi words. 

I thought you might be interested in tracking their progress and learning some of the things that they have learned.  Also, teaching can be a great way to learn!  By having to do the podcasts, it helps to focus their attention on what they are learning.

Today they review the parts of the body.  See if you can follow along.

सिर (sir) – head

आँख (aankh) – eye

चेहरा (cheharaa) – cheek

कान  (kaan) – ear

ओट (oot) – lips  (should be होंठ ? )

अँगुली (angulii) – finger

नाक (naak) – nose

दाँत (daant) – teeth

हाथ (haath) – hand

भुजा (bhujaa) – elbow

टाँग (taang) – knee

पैर (pair) – foot


They also learn a word to go with each vowel:

अ – अनार – pomegranate

आ – आम – mango

इ – इमली – tamarind plant

ई – ईख – sugar cane

उ – उल्लू – owl

ऊ – ऊँट – camel

ऋ – ऋषि – sage

ए – एड़ी – ankle

ऐ – ऐनक – glasses

ओ – ओखली – mortar

औ – औरत – woman

अं – अंगूर – grapes

अः – no word so खाली – empty

And they learn to read two letter words.  Most of these words are very obscure.  They were chosen not because of their usefulness, but because of their simplicity to read.  Try to ready along as Akosh and Stephen read them.

नल -tap

नट – actor

बन – forest

टन – ton

टब – tub

लट – a lock of hair

बल – power

बटन – button



पर – on

जल – water

जप – chant

रज – dust

जब – when

पल – moment

नर – man


जन – living thing

रब –


रपट – slip


Each week the kids get together to learn Hindi.  We are looking to improve this episode each week.  Please email us any suggestions that you have.  I hope you like the variety of sessions that we have been doing lately.

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