Letter focus – ग

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In this episode, we will be looking at the 3rd consonant in the Hindi alphabet: ग   We will write this in the Latin script as “ga”.  Try to learn the Hindi script.  What does ग look like?  There is a horizontal line on the top, as with most Hindi letters.  There is a line that comes halfway down and loops around to the left.  This is followed by a full length straight vertical line.

Let us look at some words that contain this letter:


Beginning of the word:

गत (gat) – last, past, previous

गरदन (gardan) (f) – neck

गरम (garam) – warm, hot

गप (gap) (f) – gossip


Middle of the word:

आगरा (aagraa) – Agra (city in India where the Taj Mahal is located)


लगना (lagnaa) – to begin


अगला (aglaa)- next


End of the word:

आग (aag) (f) – fire


With a vowel:

गाजर (gaajar)(f) – carrot

गाड़ी (garii) (f) – car; train

गाना (gaanaa) (m) – song

गिरना (girnaa) – to fall

आगे (aage)- in front


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