Letter focus – झ

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This podcast looks at the fourth Hindi consonant on the second line: झ

How does it look?

From the top horizontal bar, a line comes down just a little and then makes an S with a little loop on the end.  There is a little line from the curve that comes out and touches a full length verticle bar.

How to type it?

If you are using a US English keyboard with the standard Devanagari/Hindi layout, then you would press “P”

(see “How to type in Hindi” for more information about setting up your computer.)


At the Beginning

झट – instantly

झगड़ा – fight

In the Middle

समझना – to understand

At the End

समझ – understanding

साँझ – evening

With other vowels

झाड़ू – broom

झंडा – flag

झूठ – lie

झूठा – false


What to know more?  Or have something to add?  Check by the Wiki page about झ




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