Sudoku in Hindi

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Sudoku is a fun puzzle game that is very popular in the US.  The most common form is a grid of 9 by 9 squares.  In each column you can only have each number only 1 time.  In each row, you can also only have each number 1 time.  And the 9 by 9 squares has a set of 9 squares that is denoted by a thicker line.  Within these 3 by 3 squares, you can only have each number only 1 time.  Only a few of the squares have a number, and by a process of elimination, logic, and trial and error, you figure out what each of the numbers could be.

I thought it might be fun to try to explain Sudoku in Hindi and to create a puzzle using the Hindi numerals.  Let’s start out with the directions in Hindi:


१. बड़े चौकोर में नौ मध्यम चौकोर हैं। हर मध्यम चौकोर में नौ छोटे चौकोर हैं। हर मध्यम चौकोर में हर अंक एक बार आना चाहिये।

२. हर अंक केवल एक बार हर लाइन में लिखें।

३. हर अंक केवल एक बार हर स्तंभ (ऊपर से नीचे तक) में लिखें।







Give the English words for the following Hindi words:

1) चौकोर

2) मध्यम

3) एक बार

What are the Hindi equivalents of the following words:

4) in -

5) one time –

6) every -

What is a word that means the opposite of the words listed below:

7) बड़ा –

8) ऊपर -


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