नटखट बछिया – part 2

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This is the next sentence in Natkhat Bachiyaa.  We use this sentence to explore some more Hindi words and grammar.  (If you are getting this via email, please come by the website to rate this 

वह बड़ी ही सुंदर और चुलबुली बछिया थी।

She was a very, very beautiful and lively girl calf.

वह – she

बड़ी – very

ही – (a word the emphasizes the one before it)

सुंदर – beautiful

और – and

चुलबुली – lively

बछिया – girl calf

थी – was



Now let us look at some more examples with some of these words.


बड़ी means “very”, but it is meant to agree with a “feminine” noun.  For example, I can say, “वह बड़ी सुंदर है”  “She is very beautiful.”  But if I wanted to say “He is very tall.”  I would say “वह बड़ा लंबा है।”   Notice how the ending बड़ा and बड़ी change to agree with the gender.  (I should also point out that if you say “She is tall” that would be वह बड़ी लंबी है)


बड़ा also means “elder”.  For example I could say my “elder sister” by saying बड़ी बहिन or my “elder brother” by saying बड़ा भाई.


ही is a word to emphasize the word that comes before it.  यह ही सही है।  This is right.


थी means “was” and it goes with a feminine gender.  For example, Meena ji could say “I was tired” by saying “मैं थकी थी”.  However, if Naraindas ji were to say “I am tired” He would say “मैं थका था”  Notice how we switch between था and थी in the same way as we did for बड़ा  and बड़ी.



Translate from Hindi into English:

1) और

2) बछिया

3) चुलबुली


Translate the following from English into Hindi

4) very

5) beautiful

6) he/she/it/that

Fill in the blank with either था or थी.

7) Ram was happy.  राम खुश ____ ।

8) Seeta was hungry.  सीता भूखी ______।




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