नटखट बछिया – part 4

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उसमें पंचकल्याणी गाय होने के सभी लक्षण थे।


In her were all the signs of being a blessed cow.


उसमें – in her

पंचकल्याणी – blessed  (literarily means 5 benefits (see पंच which means 5 and then कल्याणी which means benefits))

गाय (feminine) – cow

होने – to be

के – of

सभी – all

लक्षण (masculine)- signs

थे – were


Other examples of using some of these words:

उसमें – in her, in him, in it.


उसमें गुलाब की सुगंध है।

In it there is the rose fragrance.


होने – to be


मुझे वकील होना है।

I want to be a lawyer.


सभी – all

यहाँ सभी आते हैं।

They all come here.




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