Letter focus – ढ

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 How does it look?

Line at the top.  Little line in the middle coming down.  The a hook to the left.  At the very end of the hook a loop back on itself that does not go through the hook.

How to type it?

If you are using a US English keyboard with the standard Devanagari/Hindi layout, then you would press “{“

(see “How to type in Hindi” for more information about setting up your computer.)


At the Beginning

ढकना – to cover

ढक्कन – cover (of a pot)

ढलना – to set (as in sun is setting)

ढोलक – a type of dum (can be beaten on both sides)

ढहना – to collapse, to fall to piece

ढब – proper conduct

ढलान – slope

In the Middle

ढमढम – sound of drumming

At the End

ढूँढ  – search

With other vowels

ढोल – drum

ढोना – to carry, to convey

ढिंढोरा – to proclaim

ढूढना – to search

बेढंगा – without manners

ढेढा – pod or seed capsule


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