Letter focus – ण

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One of our listeners has created a web application that will quiz you on your Hindi letters.  Check it out at: http://www.learn-hindi-alphabets.co.cc/


Now for our letter focus episode:


How to type it?

If you are using a US English keyboard with the standard Devanagari/Hindi layout, then you would press “C”

(see “How to type in Hindi” for more information about setting up your computer.)


At the Beginning

no words start with ण

In the Middle

गणक – calculating

गणन- counting

गणतंत्र – independence

At the End

बाण – arrow

गण – group

हिरण – deer

गुण – virtues

पूर्ण – complete

तरुण = young

कारण –  reason

With other vowels

गणित – mathematics

Check out our wiki page on this letter.  (Consider adding something…)


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