Word Find 4

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Today, let us try doing a WordFind.  But this time you will be trying to find 3 letter words, so it will be slightly harder than the previous ones.  You can download the wordfind here.  (Please come to the ISpeakHindi.com website to give this episode a 1 to 5 star rating.  Also, if there is something about this episode that you really liked or something that you think should have been done differently, then please us a comment as well.)


These are the words that you will need to find along with their meanings and example sentences.

तरह – like (similar)

यह उस तरह है।  This is like that.

मेरी तरह चलो। Walk like me.


समय -time

कितना समय हुआ है?  What time is it?

समय ही बताएगा समय आने पर समय क्या है।  Time will tell when the time comes what the time is.


बदन – body

बदन साफ रखो। Keep your body clean.


नमक – salt

नमक कम खाओ। Eat little salt.


बहन – sister

मेरी बहन सुन्दर है।  My sister is beautiful.


वजह – reason

क्या वजह है?  What is the reason?



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