Word Find 5

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Let us practice recognizing the Hindi letters by finding Hindi words in a wordfind.  Let us continue making slightly more difficult by looking for three letter words.  Download the wordfind


Here are the words that you are to find with the meanings and example sentences.

जगह – place

यह क्या जगह है?  What is this place?


ऊपर – up

ऊपर देखो। Look up!


अलग – separate

बच्चे अलग सोते हैं।  The children sleep separately.  


असल – original

यह क्या असल है?  Is that original?


अगर – if

अगर यह असल है तो यह महँगा है।  If it is original then it is expensive.


बचपन – childhood

[male speaker] बचपन से मैं अँग्रेज़ी बोलता हूँ।  From childhood I speak English.

[female speaker] बचपन से मैं सिंधी बोलती हूँ।  From childhood I speak Sindhi.



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