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Thanks for coming to ISpeakHindi.com.  I was just listening to “Hind Conversation” by Rupert Snell.  And it is the best introduction to conversational Hindi that  I have found.  I wanted to tell you a little bit about it.

First, I want to make sure you know what I am talking about.  Rupert Snell has published several materials in the Teach Yourself series.  His “Teach Yourself Hindi” is probably the best known.  It is the one that contains a book that covers most of the Hindi grammar from beginning level to advance.  It comes with two CDs.  When I talk to people about the Hindi Conversation set, I think sometimes people get it confused with the “Teach Yourself Hindi” set. 

The Hindi Conversation set is different.  It is just 3 CDs with a small booklet.  It is meant to teach you in an audio format.

Hindi Conversation by Rupert Snell teaches conversational Hindi from beginning level.   If you are just learning Hindi and are interested in just learning to speak it, then this is definitely the best investment that you could make.

What makes it good?

First off, it starts very slowly, with basic conversations and a lot of repeats.  Here is a clip from the first conversation:

It is centered around a story about two couples meeting each other and contains a lot of realistic conversation materials which I can see myself using.  The story is funny and engaging.  This maintains your interest through out the CD.  There are parts of it that my 10 year old son breaks out laughing about.  It is that good.

Vocabulary is covered in easy to remember chunks and in the context of listening to a particular conversation.  For example listen to this: <track2>

Grammar is covered in small doses throughout the 3 CD set allowing for it to be absorbed at a rate that is achievable for the beginner Hindi student.

The third CD contains a lot more advance conversations meant to give you practice listening to the gist of a conversation.

If you are just learning Hindi, the I would definitely recommend you checking out Hindi Conversation.  There is a link in the associated written text that you can use to buy it from Amazon.com.  Using this link will also support the site.

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