Hindi in Flash – Product Review

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Hindi in a Flash Kit Volume 1 (Tuttle Flash Cards) (Hindi Edition)

Flashcards are a standard part of learning, especially language learning.  Put the language you are learning on one side, and the language that you know on the other.  I am sure all of you have a stack of Hindi/English flashcards that you have made, just as I do.  Just recently, there is another option.  You can buy 448 flashcards in a package called “Hindi in a flash” volume 1. 

Why not make your own?  Well, when you are first learning a language that has a different script that you are not familiar with, it is possible to make mistakes in writing these words.  When you study with these, you will be learning your mistake.  Having a professional set of flashcards can prevent this.

However, Hindi in a flash has a number of other features that make them particularly useful.  It provides transliterations of each word to help you remember the pronunciation.  This is very useful if you are just learning the script.  Also, along with each work is provided 4 related words.  These could be words that mean the same thing, or look/sound similar but mean something else.  These related words can also be opposite or complimantary words.  And with each main word is a sample sentence showing how that word is used.  I highly recommend “Hindi in a flash – volume 1″.


Please buy it through this link so that you also support the ISpeakHindi.com site as well.


Download an entire month's worth of lessons. We have all the lessons from May 2009 through October 2011 in zip files containing the audio files and a PDF with all the lessons. You can download these in the paid subscriber area.

If you are not already a paid subscriber, you should consider becoming one. It is only $12 every 3 months. That's only $4/month. Learning Hindi is worth much more than $4/month, so this is a great deal.

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