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This is a new type of episode where we take a moment to look back at the previous few lessons, answer questions, respond to comments, and to give you an idea of what is coming up.  We hope to do episodes like this regularly, so please be sure and send any questions you have.

This week, we had three lessons.  May 24, we had a word find.  This episode got a rating of 5 stars from one of our users.  Please take a moment to come by the site and give the episodes a 1-5 star rating so that we know how we are doing, and what you like.  This only had 7 words.  I hope you were able to find them all.  Let us quickly review those words.

औरत – woman (f)

ख़बर – news (f)

बाप – father (m)

लड़का – boy (m)

खाना – food (m) – to eat

जाना – to go

आना – to come

सात – seven

Then on May 25th we had a product review for the “Hindi in Flash” flashcards.  These flashcards are great because you can just grab a few and put them in your pocket.  Then when you find yourself waiting in line or someplace else looking for something to do, you can pull them out and start practicing your Hindi.  These cards are really good because they give you related words, an example sentence, and help with pronunciation.   This got a 4.5 star rating based upon the input of two of our listeners.

Then on May 28th we had our weekly “letter focus” episode on the letter द.   This episode got a 5 star rating based upon the votes of 3 people.  We have the episodes recorded up to ह, but we are only publishing one a week. You can find all this content in an easy to download format to put on your iPod or MP3 player or burn to cd in the paid subscriber’s area:

This coming week we have three episodes already recorded and ready to go.  One is a product review for a Hindi/English children’s book called Aamoo the Mango.  This is a great book for people that just learned to read Hindi and need something to practice with.  You will hear more about that tomorrow.

We also have a word find coming up this week.  But it is going to be a little more challenging with a lot more words and a bigger grid to find them in.

And we have an episode focusing on the letter ध.

Now let us look at some comments we have gotten from listeners this past week:

Amber left a comment on an episode we published way back in October 19, 2007 called “Living Creatures”

Could you please tell me the word for guinea pig? I cannot find it anywhere!!!! And i need to see it written down, as I am writing a book…. Thanks!

I think most Hindi speakers would call a Guinea Pig a Guinea Pig, if they were familiar with the animal.  In Devanagari, you might write like गिन्नी पिग. I do not think that Guinea Pigs are as popular in India as they are in the US, and therefore, there may not be a “Hindi” name for them.  If anyone knows of a proper name in Hindi, please let us know by commenting on this episode or emailing us at

Salma left a message on the “Letter Focus ज” episode published on March 26, 2009.  She writes:

hi, mera naam salma hain. I’m Indonesian and I’m learning Hindi now coz i got married with an Indian man, so ‘m jumping now into this unique and beautiful language. I don’t find any difficulties on learning it, i can learn the script very well and even i can write a letter to my mother in law in Hindi script, i just don’t know how to pronounce and speak it, so, i got amazed finding this efficace blog. thank u so much


Thanks Salma!  We really appreciate the feedback.  Also, it is interesting that this episode has gotten 7 users giving it a 5 star rating.  I’m going to have to listen to it again.

Saadhakamaatra left a comment this week on an we published way back in October 25, 2007 in an episode called Plants (A First Bilingual Dictionary pg.47)

He writes:

That’s समुद्री, and not समुन्द्री [from समुद्र, ocean, sea]; and पत्ता for leaf; and, while जड़ [from the Prakrit] is fine for root, मूल [from the Sanskrit] is finer still for its sense and connections to other words yet to learn.
It’s a great service you are performing;

Saadhakamaatra, thank you for providing that additional information about these words.  We are constantly working to improve the content on  And we depend on listeners like you to improve the quality of the program by pointing out corrections like this, submitting ideas for episodes, and providing additional information like you did.  That is really interesting about the word for seaweed.  I think many of our other listeners would benefit from this as well.

Thank you again for joining for

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