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Hindi Children’s Book Level 1 Easy Reader Aamoo the Mango

Ok.  So you have learned a little Hindi.  You have learned all you of your letters, the consonants, vowels how they can go together.  You have learning a few 100 words.  Maybe you have learned a lot of grammar.  Now you are are ready to read!  But what can you read?

For the beginner Hindi student, it may be difficult to find things that are the level of the Hindi that you know.  Well, “Hindi Children’s Book Level 1 Easy Reader Aamoo the Mango” is one book that you will be able to read.  It contains 9 stories.  Each of which are slightly more difficult than the one before it.  But all of which are accessible to the beginner Hindi student.

Each sentence is transliterated to help you pronounce it correctly.  And the English is also provided.  Let’s look at the first story in the book.


Also, this book is just one made by a brother/sister team.  I recommend you see the video on their website: http://www.chandabooks.com/


Also, if you purchase the book, please use the link on ISpeakHindi.com since we will receive a small commission.


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