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We have received many emails and comments this week.  So, lets get right into them.

one of our listeners writes:

I would like to have all of the podcast lessons as well as the documentation. Is this available? iTunes will only pull up the last few lessons. Thanks.

We have received this request from several of our listeners.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to download groups of the episodes at one time.  We hope to do this at some point, but it may be quite a ways in the future.

Serge writes:

Short question: how should I say “happy birthday” ?

Happy Birthday is जन्मदिन मुबारक हो (janmdin mubaarak ho)

Suzie sent me an email about Word Find #7 which we published on June 2, 2009:


I’m a bit confused, I thought the word for elephant was hathi [long a long i]???? sorry I haven’t figured out how to type hindi yet.

Best wishes, Susie

हाथी (haatii) is the most common word for elephant.  गज also means elephant but it is seldom used.  The reason that गज was in the word find was because of the simplicity of the word.  It has no matras.  It is just ग ज.  However, हाथी has two matras so it is a little more complicated when it comes to writing.  You will also see गज in children books when introducing two letter words.

Frans writes:

Namaste Nathan, Many thanks for creating ispeakhindi, it is a wonderful resource and very well done. I’m Dutch and learning Hindi because my wife is from India. Been struggling with it for quite a while but after finding your site and openmocha I’ve been making good progress.

As for the suggestion: It would be nice I think to do an episode on the potential pitfalls while learning Hindi. For instance on the difference between त and ट or द and ड. (I find it very hard to tell them apart because in Dutch we only have soft souding t-s.) Having native speakers contrasting the pronunciation of these letters would be very useful.

Also there are letters or groups of letters that look very similar: रव and ख or इ and ड or द and ढ. Might be useful to point this out.

Have fun,


Here are some comments that were left on individual posts this week:

On Letter Focus – त (published on May 14, 2009) we got the comment from Vivekanada:

Very good lesson.
Score 5

Thank you for the positive feedback.  In order to collect the ratings, we have a 5 star ratings at the top of each post.  Please click on the number of stars that you feel represents the quality of the episode.  As you can see that this letter focus episode also got one vote of 3 stars and another of 1 star.


Devnathan commented on the episode Word Find with two letter words published on April 20, 2009.  Devnathan says:

its really helpful to go through your mail i speak hindi.

its really a great effort by you to develop the national language to the people who is eager to learn .at the same time some of the lessons are not covered properly with the English meaning and kindly look intothis matter which will be helpful to learn more easier.



Anduradha Sharma commented on the post Interview with Shirish Nadkarni, CEO of LiveMocha published on October 30, 2007.  Anduradha said:

I tried using your very informative site……….but i could not access it………i have been trying for the last couple of days………….Please advice……….the reasons due to which this might be happening.

Anuradha Sharma

On the Parts of the body (part 1) episode published on February 22, 2008 Karissa wrote:

i doh really like hindi buh dis website is gettin me all my info

Mike left a comment on the episode we published last week called Summary of the Week

I listen to all the episodes but hardly ever vote on them since I think they are all excellent.

I do always try to give some Adsense luvin while I am here though.

This past week, we also got a comment from Teresa on an episode that we had published back in October 5, 2008 called “Where is my Hindi Lesson

I stumbled on to your website a few months ago and it is exactly what I am looking for in order to learn and practice Hindi. However, I have a question, what lesson should I start on since I am a novice to Hindi.

Thank you.

There are two links to pages to get you started from the home page of

Solvei sent an email saying:

I think your service is wonderful and I would love to contribute in exchange for the CD. I’m very busy so I don’t always keep up with the lessons but I still go back and look at them. I lived in India for about 5 months, 10 years ago now! And it’s very useful for keeping up my Hindi.

We also received three donations this week.  $25 from Shauna in Australia, $25 from Nikkita in US, and $10 from Frans from the Netherlands.  Thank you all so much for your support.   Shauna and Nikkita, I will be mailing out your packages this week.  I am also making a digital version of the CDs and booklet available to anyone that donates.  Everyone that has ever given anything to the site should have received and email with the links to the three CDs and the booklet.  (I can not make the writing book available since that belongs to, and I can only send out the physical book.)  I am planning to package together some of the content into a download format for contributors to the site.  For example, I am thinking of putting together all the word finds that we have created and are publishing weekly into a booklet with a CD of the related episodes.  When I get this made, I will send it out to people that have donated any amount.  So, even if you don’t feel up to donating $25, you will still receive a benefit for donating any amount.

I also want to thank Frans for adding content to our Wiki on the How to type in Hindi and Hindi Books pages.  And I want to thank him for cleaning up some of the spam that had been put on the wiki as well.  I would encourage all of you to check out the wiki and to add any content that you think would be help to other people that are learning Hindi.

Please continue adding comments to the site, rating episodes, adding suggestions to our suggestion list, and sending us email.  We will try to get to all of it either individually or through an episode like this.  Also, if you know of events that are happening that would be of interest to other people learning Hindi, then please let me know.  This could include online Hindi classes, movies and books recently released, or other online services that you find helpful.

Well, until next time.

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