Word Find #9

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Download and print: http://iSpeakHindi.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06_june/wordfind9-june-2009.pdf


जाग (jaag) – get up

नाग (naag) – snake

बाग (baag) – garden

गाजर (gaajar) (f) – carrot

गाना (gaanaa) (m) – song

घना (ghanaa) – dense

बाघ (baagh) – tiger

माघ (maagh) – (name of a month on the Hindi calendar)

घाट (ghaaT) – river bank – wharf – landing-place – place where people can enter the river

चखना (chakh-naa) – to taste

चना (chanaa) – chick-pea

चलना (chal-naa) – to move

कचड़ा (kach-raa) – garbage

बचना (bach-naa) – to escape

चाचा (chaa-chaa)- uncle (father’s younger brother)

चाय (chay) – tea


Some example sentences:

मेरे बाग में एक नाग है।

In my garden is a snake.


क्या आपके बाग में गाजर हैं?

Are there carrots in your garden?


चना चखो।

Taste the chick-peas.




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