Letter Focus – भ

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Look at the Hindi consonant:

This will be represented in English letters as:bha. In today’s episode you will hear words with this letter in various positions and with several vowels. The idea here is to learn to recognize and to say the sound that this letter makes. Also, you will want to associate that sound with the character भ.

How does it look?

Starting in the upper left, you have a little loop at the very top, with no line above it.  A line comes straight down to the right of this loop to about half way.  then you have another loop.  A line goes straight to the right above this loop.  Then it hits a full length verticle bar.  On the top of this verticle bar is a  little horizontal bar.

How to type it?

If you are using a US English keyboard with the standard Devanagari/Hindi layout, then you would press “Y”


At the Beginning

भर – to fill

भय – fear

भवन – mansion

भक्त (m) – devotee

भजन (m) – hymn, devotional song

In the Middle

भलभल – (f) the sound of flowing or gushing water

At the End

ऊभ – rising and sinking in water

गर्दभ – donkey

शुभ – auspicious, good

With other vowels

अभेद  – difference, similarity, idenity

अभूत – not having been, not past

आभार – burden, responsibility, gratitude

आभारी – indebted, obliged, grateful

आभूषण – jewels, ornament

आभा – light, beauty, gleam

गोभी – cauliflower

ओभी – pit for catching wild animals

कभी – sometime, anytime, at one time

अभी – now

सभी – all

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