Letter Focus – म

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Let’s look at the letter. This will be represented in English letters as ma. In this episode, we will examine how this letter looks, and hear words that have this letter at the beginning, in the middle, at the end, and in combination with an assortment of vowels.

How does it look?

Like the previous letter भ but has the line across the top, and is missing the first little loop.  That is, solid line across the top, a full lenth verticle bar to the right.  There is a Box with a a loop in the bottom left corner on the outside of the box.

How to type it?

If you are using a US English keyboard with the standard Devanagari/Hindi layout, then you would press “c”


At the Beginning

मत – don’t

मन – heart, mind, soul

मटर – peas

मगर –  if not;  (m) crocodile

महक – good smell; fragrance

In the Middle

मलमल – muslin/fine fabric

कमल – lotus flower

दमक – glimmer

अमन – peace

अमर – immortal

अमल – action, clear, pure

At the End

आम  – mango

कम – less

गम – worry, sadness

कदम – step

काम – work

शाम – evening

With other vowels

आदमी – man

मित्र    – friend

मीठा – sweet

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