Word Find #13 – long "i" (EE) sound

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Today we will be looking at words that have the long “i” ई sound.  You will see many common words that contain this matra/vowel.  Try practicing finding this vowel in combination with other consonants in the word find provided.  Also, be sure and pay attention to the gender of the nouns.  This will be important to remember when making sentences using these words. download wordfind


You can download the pdf here:  http://iSpeakHindi.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07_july/wordfind13-july-2009.pdf

ख़ाली – empty, vacant, unoccupied, free (adj.)

चीज़ – thing (f)

मीठा – sweet, pleasant (adj), sweetmeat (m)

कहानी – story (f)

सही – correct, right, true, accurate (adj)

बीमार – sick (adj)

शादी – marriage (f)

ग़रीब – poor (adj)

अमीर – wealthy, rich (adj)

काफ़ी – enough, sufficient (adj)

सीखना – to learn


साड़ी – sari (f) – type of Indian clothing for women

पीठ – back, spine (f)

सीधा – straight, straightforward, simple, right, erect, direct, gentle, naive, good (adj)

हाथी – elephant (m)

घी – clarified butter (m)

दही – yogurt, curd (m)

अजीब – strange, wonderful, amazing, unique (adj)

घड़ी – a watch, timepiece (f)

नदी – river (f)

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