Hello/Greetings – नमस्ते (na-ma-ste)

Download article as PDF This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Phrase Focus - Conversation 1Phrase Focus - Conversation 1Hello/Greetings – नमस्ते (na-ma-ste)What is your name? आपका […]
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This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Phrase Focus - Conversation 1

This is the first of our “Phrase Focus” episodes where we focus on just learning one phrase.  (Ok, ok, today it is really just a word, but just you wait until next week :-) )  Today’s phase is “नमस्ते (na-ma-ste)”

“na-ma-ste” (नमस्ते) can be used to greet someone.  It is very similar to “hello” in English (though you will find “Hello” is common among Hindi speakers as well.)  It can also be used when parting, though other phrases are common for that as well “See you soon” which are covered in other sessions.

नमस्ते is made of 3 groups of letters.  Let us go over each one:

न – na

म – ma

स्ते which in itself is a combination of 3 characters.  स (sa) + त (ta) + ए (e).  It is actually a “half” स (sa) because the vowel part gets dropped and combined with the next letter त (ta) to make a “sta” स्त and finally that “a” अ is dropped at the end and replaced with an “e” ए.

Remember to say “na-ma-ste” (नमस्ते) to people you meet.

Series NavigationWhat is your name? आपका नाम क्या है? (aap-ka naam kyaa hai?)
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