Example Sentences using Numbers and Money

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Kavitha will demonstrate using numbers and money in some sample sentences.   These include examples of how to say your age, asking how many children a person has, and asking for a particular number of rooms at a hotel.   The examples of using money include asking for total price, asking for a discount, and several others.   These sentences can be easily alter to fit your particular situation.  Provided you know the number to insert.  Kavitha will be reviewing a range of numbers later in this week for this particular purpose.

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मुझे दो कमरा चाहिए.
Mujhe do kamra chahiye.
I want 2 rooms.

में पैंतीस साल का हू
Mein paintees saal ka hoon
I am 35 years old.

उसे पैसा देकर आओ.
usse paisa dekar aao.
Give him/her money and come.

आपके कितने बच्चे है?
Aapke kitne bachhe hai?
How many children do you have?

हमारे चार बच्चे है
hamare char bachhe hai
We have four children.

यह  कमीज़ कितने की है?
yeh (kameez) kittane kee hai?
How much for this (shirt)?

इसका  क्या दाम है?
iskaa kyaa daam hai?
What’s the price of this?

यह  तीन सौ पचास रुपये की है |
yah teen sau pachaas rupaye kee hai.
It is of three hundred and fifty rupees.

कुल कितना पैसा हुआ ?
kul kittanaa paisaa hua?
What is the total (cost)?

सब  मिलाकर पांच सौ हुये
sab milaakar paa.nch sau huye
That will be five hundred altogether.

यह  तो बहुत महंगा है
yah toh bahuth mahenga hai.
This is very costly.

दाम/भाव  बढ़् गये हैं।
daam (bhaav) badh gaye hain.
The prices have gone up.

कुछ रियायत करेंगे
kuch riyaayath karenge?
Would you give some discount?

उस दुकान से हम दो-तीन कुर्ता करीदेंगे
us dukaan se ham do-teen kurta kharedenge
We will buy 2-3 shirts from that shop.

मैंने सात रुपये में पं|च सेव खरीदे।
maine saath rupaye mein paanch seb khareedhe.
I bought five apples for seven rupees.

लगभग बीस लोग गये
lagbhag bees log gaye.
Approximately 20 people went.

एक दर्जन अंडे ख़रीदो
ek darjan ande kharido
Buy 1 dozen eggs.

आधे घंटे के बाद आओ
aadhe ganthe ke baad aao
Come after ½ hour.

दो तीसरे भाग पानी के नीचे है
do theesre bhag paani ke neeche hai.
2/3 portion is under water.

लोग लाखों रुपया खोए
log laakhon rupaya khoye
People lost lakhs of rupees(money).

आपका पैसा  एक साल में दुगना कीजिए
aapka paisa  ek saal mein dugna keejiye
Double your money in 1 year.

उसे हज़ार डॉलर्स दीजिए
usse hazar dollars deejiye
Please give him $1000.

हवाई जहाज़ दुर्घटना में सभी दो सौ तीस लोग मर गये.
hawai jahaj   durghatana mein sabhi do sau tees log mar gaye.
All 230 people died in the aircrash.

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