My name is ___. – मेरा नाम _____ है। (me-raa naam _______ hai.)

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You learned how to ask what someone’s name is, but how do you answer it?  With the phrase “मेरा नाम ____ है।”  (meraa naam _____ hai.)  For example, if my name was राम (raam) then I would say, “My name is Ram.” by saying “मेरा नाम राम है।” (meraa naam raam hai).  Try putting your name in this sentence.

Let us look at each work in this phrase:

मेरा (meraa) means “my”.

नाम (naam) means “name”.

The next word should be your name.

And finally the sentence is ended with है (hai) which means “is”.

Let us look at the word order.  In English we say “My name is Ram.” but in Hindi we would say “My name Ram is.”.  The verb comes at the end of the sentence.

Now let us hear some other speakers say this phrase.

Do you remember how to ask what someone’s name is?  आपका नाम क्या है?  (aapka naam kyaa hai?) What is your name?

Let us hear some examples of Hindi speakers asking “What is your name?” with the answer in the format “My name is _____.”

Series NavigationWhat is your name? आपका नाम क्या है? (aap-ka naam kyaa hai?)
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