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A few words are in common use, corresponding to ‘dozen,’ ‘score,’ etc.

score – कोड़ी (kodi)

a hundred – सैकड़ा (saikada)

a pair or a couple – जोड़ी (jodi)

dozen – दर्ज़न (darjan)

All the numerals may be made to assume the character of collectives by adding “ओं”.

the two – दोनों (donon)

the three – तीनों (teenon)

the four – चारों (charon)

the five – पाँचों (paanchon)

hundreds – सैकड़ों (saikadon)

thousands – सहश्रों (sahashron)

Occasionally, this form is reduplicated with the addition of the general postposition “के” e.g. दोनों के दोनों (both of them), तीनों के तीनों (all three of them), चारों के चारों (all four of them), and so on.

In Hindi, the idiom – ten or twelve, eight or ten, is commonly adopted

throughout, even for lower numbers.


दो चार – two or four

पाँच सात – five or seven

दस बारह – ten or twelve

सौ पचास – between fifty and a hundred.

Some phrase as कोई दस एक means some ten or so. एक is frequently in this way

placed after a round number, to signify “about”.

e.g. एक पंद्रह लोग आएँगे ( about 15 people might come); एक पचास फूल (about 50 flowers); and so on

The repetition of a number has a distributive force.


They went away one by one.(एक एक करके वे चले गये)

They got two or three toffees.( सब लोगों को दो दो तीन तीन मिठाई मिलें)


¼  – चौथाई or पाव

¼ less – पौन

¼ more – सवा

½ – आधा

½ more – साढ़े

1 ½ – डेढ़

2 ½ – ढाई

1 ¾ – पौने दो

3 ¾ – पौने चार

2 ¼ – सवा दो

3 ¼ – सवा तीन

3 ½ – साढ़े तीन

4 ½ – साढ़े चार

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