Numbers Contd…….

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100 and above

Beyond 100, the numbers proceed regularly, the units are added to the hundreds as in English, but “and” is not inserted.

e.g.- एक सौ दो (102), एक सौ पंद्रह (115), दो सौ तीन (203), दो सौ तीस (230), etc


For some numbers, certain idioms are used.

e.g.- सवा सौ (125), डेढ़ सौ (150), पौने दो सौ (175), सवा दो सौ(225), ढाई सौ (250), पौने तीन सौ(275), सवा तीन सौ (325), साढ़े तीन सौ(350), पौने पाँच सौ(475), so on.

adding सवा to numbers from 200 onwards will give ¼ or 25 more.

adding साढ़े to numbers from 300 onwards will give ½ or 50 more.

adding पौने to numbers from 200 onwards will give ¾ or 75 more.

Ordinal Numbers

Hindi ordinal numbers are as given below.

First Pahlaa पहला
Second Dusaraa दूसरा
Third Tisaraa तीसरा
Fourth Chauthaa चौथा
Fifth Paanchvan पाँचवाँ
Sixth Chhathaa छठा
Seventh Saatvan सातवाँ
Eighth Aathvan आठवाँ
Nineth Nauvan नौवाँ
Tenth Dasvan दसवाँ

N.B.- From सातवाँ onwards, the Ordinals are formed by adding “वाँ” to the cardinal numbers.

e.g. 12thबारहवाँ (barahvan), 15thपंद्रहवाँ (pandrahvan), 20th बीसवां (beesvan), and so on.


To express two-fold, three-fold, twice, thrice, etc., गुना is added to a numeral.

twice – दुगुना

thrice – तिगुना

four times – चौगुना

five times – पंचगुना

six times – छगुना

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