Words Related To Time

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Some words that help us to convey the concept of time are:

Today = आज (aaj)

Tomorrow = कल (kal)

Yesterday = कल (kal)

Day after tomorrow/day before yesterday = परसों (parson)

Early morning = सवेरे (savere)

Morning = सुबह (subah)

Evening = शाम(shaam)

Night = रात (raath)

Noon = दोपहर (dopahar)

Date = तिथी (thidhi)

Day = दिन (din)

Week = हफ़्ता (hafta)

This week = इस हफ्ते (iss hafte)

Last week = पिछले हफ्ते (pichle hafte)

Next week = अगले हफ्ते (agale hafte)

Month = महीना (maheena)

Year = साल (saal)

Century = सदी (sadi)

First = पहला (pahala)

Last = आखरी (aakhri)

Everyday = रोज (roj)

Nowadays = आज कल (aaj kal)

Now = अभी (abhi)

Always = हमेशा (hamesha)

Sometimes = कभी कभी (kabhi kabhi)

After/ Later = बाद में (baad mein)

Before = पहले (pehle)

When = कब (kab)

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